Tree Planting Funds added 21/04/20

Wind Farm II funding has now been launched.

Visit this link for details of the area.

What type of activities will the Fund support?

The purpose of the Fund is to promote community, charitable, amenity, educational, environmental and energy efficiency initiatives for the benefit of the communities within the area of benefit.

Who can make an application?

The Fund wants to encourage applications from as diverse a range of groups as possible including community groups and organisations, charities, social enterprises, town & parish councils, schools and faith communities. New groups or ideas for projects where a group does not currently exist can be considered. Please contact the Fund administrator at:


The Fund cannot accept applications from private individuals.

Are there are activities that cannot be funded?

The Fund cannot support activities adverse to the commercial interests of the wind farm, political or religious campaigns or support services that would otherwise be the statutory responsibility of local or national government.

How much money can be applied for?

To encourage a wide range of initiatives, the Fund has three application “bands”:

  • Small project applications (no minimum, up to £2,000 in value).
  • Medium project applications (£2,000 to £10,000 in value).
  • Large project applications (£10,000 to a maximum of £50,000 in value).

Applications for Small and Medium Projects are via single stage online application process.

To help both the applicant and the Fund, all applications for Large Projects (over £10,000 in value and/or are likely to be delivered over more than one year) need to be drawn to the Fund’s attention before a detailed on-line application is submitted. This involves a telephone conversation with the Fund’s administrator. To arrange this please contact the Fund administrator outlining your project (in a few sentences) and include your contact details.


What are the deadlines and timescales?

The Fund is open to receive applications year round. The Fund Panel meets four times a year to make funding decisions. Consequently, applications will be grouped into “batches” through the year as follows:

2018 Timetable:

  • Applications received 2nd Jan – 28th Feb – will be assessed March meeting.
  • Applications received 1st Mar – 31st May – will be assessed June meeting.
  • Applications received 1st June – 31st Aug – will be assessed September meeting.
  • Applications received 1st Sept – 30th Nov – will be assessed December meeting.

Applicants will be advised promptly of the outcome of decisions made by the Panel (with the exception of the December meeting where decisions will be communicated early January).

Twin Rivers Parish Council is very keen to work with our community to apply for funding that will benefit our area. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact your local councillor or the Parish Clerk . Together we can identify the areas of need and make things happen.

New YORSwitch information added 14/01/19


YORS Switch Letter

Do you want hassle-free way to get cheaper energy bills

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Safety and Security

Humberside Police have dealt with a spate of burglaries and vehicle thefts/break in’s across our area since June 2017. Please ensure that you lock your car when you leave it, and remove any valuables.

Equally at home ensure you lock your doors and windows and if you have external security lights put them on at night. 

If you have CCTV it is a legal requirement to display a sign. These are available if required from the clerk.


The on-going issue of speeding through the villages is always high on our Agenda. We are working with the Police and East Riding Council to implement measures to reduce speed.

There are however things that we can all do – if you see a vehicle (eg, delivery van) that is clearly speeding if you get their registration number and the name of the company, call the company to report it. Companies are generally quick to respond.

About the Oil-Club

The Oil-Club is an independent organisation. We have no links to any of our suppliers. Our aim is simple – reduce the cost on our wallets and the environment as much as we can. Plus membership is free!

The Oil-Club has been running for 6 years. We discreetly manage over 6 million litres of orders per month for our members. We are an internet only organisation in the effort to keep costs low.

The savings you can achieve vary depending on the time of the year you place your order and how often you order.

We can’t help in an emergency as we look to supply a full vehicle to members of each village/ club area. However, if we happen to be delivering to your village or nearby we may be able to help. You will be able to view the delivery schedule for your village in the members area.

As club membership grows so does the purchase power of the club. In most areas of the country, we now order three or four times a month during the winter months (every weekend) and twice a month during the summer months.

A village with 100 members will save around 150 to 180 heavy duty vehicle trips a year through your village. A big saving on the wear and tear to our village lanes, roads and to the environment. Each litre of diesel contains around 0.72kg of carbon. A truck will use 50 litres or more of diesel to travel 75 miles so the carbon saving can be substantial.

Combat Oil Theft - The Oil-Club also runs a theft alert system and as a member you can report an oil theft. We will then alert other members in your area of the danger.