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There are three parish councillor vacancies please  email the clerk for more details. Added 29/01/18

Early records of the Twin Rivers Parish Council, held by the Council, are scant. The first minutes of Council meetings held on file start in April 1989. However, an account book started in 1976 lists the first item of expenditure (May 1976) as a ‘Minutes book’ and further examination of early entries in the accounts book suggests that it was in that year that Twin Rivers Parish Council was formed by the merger of the already existing smaller parishes of Adlingfleet, Ousefleet, and Whitgift.

There is at least one reference to a fire destroying Council records but, unfortunately, no details of when, where or what was lost.

In 1976 Twin Rivers Parish Council was part of Boothferry District Council which, in turn, was part of Humberside County Council.

Local government reorganisation, in 1996, saw the demise of Humberside and Boothsferry with the creation of the unitary authority of East Riding of Yorkshire. Twin Rivers Parish Council becoming one of the 168 Town and Parish Councils which together form the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

If you have any records or family history which relates to Twin Rivers Parish Council (or to the separate village Parishes that existed before Twin Rivers) - documents, details/minutes of meetings, names of councillors, photographs, etc. - please consider sharing them with the Council. It would be lovely to try and piece together and record for posterity the details of the people, facts, and stories that are the history of Twin Rivers Parish Council.

For detailed information about the history of the area and its villages visit Marshland Local History Group